James has always been passionate about leadership. After analysing the content of hundreds of coaching sessions with managers and business owners, James saw that leadership was a necessary ingredient for solving most organisational challenges.

His work on the 7 Leadership Domains come after 23 years in the field, helping managers and business owners make the progress they desire and achieve their goals. James believes that leadership is an attempt to influence the thinking and behaviour of others towards a common goal; as such, our paradigm of leadership needs to expand beyond the constraints of ‘team management’.

As an educator, James is an accomplished public speaker, workshop presenter and webinar host. Typical examples of participant feedback for James include…

“I was expecting the usual rehashed theories to be presented. The engagement with the audience was very welcome. So happy not to see the usual stuff…. Worthwhile and tailored to different levels of managers and leaders. Experienced managers can gain valuable insight and new tools.”

Peter Callor, Executive Team, RAAF 382 ECS

“James been a mentor and advisor for my business for a number of years. We’ve experienced significant growth in that time. James’ knowledge and experience in areas such as team productivity, marketing strategies and business planning have been invaluable. I can highly recommend James to help you in your business.”

Greg Eicke, Business Owner

“Who says there is not such a thing as a quick fix? I can’t believe you covered over 30 easy strategies to increase our profits in the 40 minutes that we had you. Every week we hear speakers who have the answers to increase sales, profits and success. Your presentation was addressing real businesses in the real world who need solutions now.”

Chris Bakens, Event Organiser

“James has this uncanny way of tailoring his presentations to totally tap into where you are at in your own workplace.”

Jenny Excell, Manager, Metropolis Inc.

“I was immensely impressed with James’ quality of leadership and knowledge of Marketing and Networking strategies. His presentation skills were also impressive as the material was presented in such a way that it was easy to absorb and understand without all the fluff that many presenters use.”

Derek Miles, CPA

With direct experience in management, franchising, team leadership, sales and business ownership, James brings a wealth of practical experience and relatability to the table. Participants often comment on the practical and useable strategies that James offers to the leadership, sales and enterprise growth challenges that they face.